We're proud to be a local favorite Jamaican restaurant in Davenport, IA

Taste 876 Jamaica is a family owned Jamaican restaurant in Davenport, IA that locals can't stop raving about. Our authentic, home cooked food is always fresh and flavorful, and we set ourselves apart by cooking with all organic ingredients. Plus, we source our spices directly from Jamaica.

If you haven't visited our local Jamaican restaurant yet, it's time to give us a try! Stop by today to place your order.

All our food is top-notch

Why do people love our local Jamaican restaurant so much? Our food is:

  • Fresh-we use exclusively fresh, organic ingredients
  • Authentic-our traditional recipes are passed down through our family
  • Homemade-we make absolutely everything from scratch
We're sure you'll love it too! Visit our Jamaican restaurant today to enjoy a home-cooked meal that tastes just like it does on the island.